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Joanna Pętkowska

architect, artist, academic teacher

PhD (summa cum laude) at Warsaw University of Technology

and the Technical University of Berlin

on the role of drawing in design.
Assistant professor in the Institute of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture at the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology.
Co-founder of the Polish Watercolour Society.
Participation in many architectural and urban projects in Poland designed using the charrette method (Warsaw: Szwedzka Street, Warsaw Uprising Square, Mokotów Field; Gniezno, Gdynia West, amongst others), as well as projects abroad (Belgium, Egypt, Russia, Romania, Germany, and USA).
Visualisations for architectural and urban planning offices.
Language knowledge: Polish, English, German, and Russian.

Prezentacja akwarelowa dla Polskich Kolei Państwowych S.A. (PKP S.A.) na Kongresie 590 w Jasionce w 2017 roku. Fotograia: Piotr Gilarski





'Architectural Drawing,

or How to Look with Understanding'

joint publication

Polish Scientific Publishers PWN


'Freehand Drawingin the Context of Technological Changes'

Architectus, Nr (2)54


'Joanna Pętkowska. Akwarele. Watercolours.'

author's album

The Center for Advanced Studies
Warsaw University of Technology



'Nulla dies sine linea'
group exhibition

Centrum Łowicka, Warsaw


individual exhibition

Museum of the History
of Warsaw University of Technology


group exhibition

OECD Embassy of Poland in Paris

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